Saturday, August 22, 2015

Diving into change

Sorry I have been gone so long.  I overloaded with work this summer.  I dove into change.

You know the post a while back about who moved my cheese? "  Well this time my cheese dried up and I decided to go after totally different cheese in a totally different way.  My career had taken many twists and turns, however always, I had worked for someone else.  This time I decided to attempt to work for myself. 

I am a hell of a worker.  I am not just saying that.  I should get one of those crazy efficiency awards for people that just do too much.  This is evident in the award I received last year from the Seniors  "Most wanted to have on the deserted Island."  I know just enough about most subjects to figure things out and I never really stop moving. 

In all my positions, I have always over-performed for someone else's benefits.  Like most over-performers, I  often did a lot of work and didn't get rewarded based on that productivity.   This juxtaposition had made for a many thankless situations.  

have spent the last 5 years diving in deep, into the worlds of social media and marketing.   I have discovers some important tenets; 

  1. You have to give before you take.  
  2. If you send good into the world good will come back. 
  3. Goodwill, like matter, can not be destroyed.  
  4. A thought or idea, like an object in motion, will continue in motion unless acted on by an equal and opposite force.  Sound like high school physics?   
  5. Content marketing rules. Give good content and you will build a following that can be monetized.
So I decided to start my own social media marketing firm based on my own moral compass. I put the energy out there and it just started to flow in the direction of change.   Each ventures I came across somehow linked to a passion of mine.  'Trust the Process' became my mantra. 

Many of my clients needed help before they could afford my help.  Yet,  I felt like my clients and I were in this together making our way through the small business labyrinth symbiotically. If they did well, I could do well.  Many times we have helped each other in different ways pushing all of us towards our goals.  

Thus was born:  Buzz Well Media.  While working with a half dozen clients I also worked to build my own brand.  Buzz Well's stuff has been the last priority in many ways as the clients needs do come first.  Yet you can now go and check out my website at and the facebook page in operation.  I still have much to do on the website with posts and SEO etc.  It will continue to build as time goes along.  

Another passion going on has been the Ivan Tomato Rescue Project.  This business is another venture that I am taking on with a few friends.  This is a client for Buzz Well Media in that I am doing all the on line marketing, and all the business aspects7.  The goal is to save a Missouri Heritage Tomato from extinction.  We are doing an indiegogo campaign to come out in the fall. Keep your eyes open folks this tomato is worth saving.  Check out on facebook at.  Ivan Tomato Rescue Project
So regardless of if I have been working for my clients, The Ivan or for Buzz Well, I am very glad to have such focus.  Will any of these be my next real pile of cheese?  I am not sure, however I can tell you, I have my running shoes on and I am out there working it.  I am in charge and I am focusing forward.  Won't you come along for the ride.  Like my facebook pages and check out the ventures as they grow.